Here be Pirates

Assault on the Wizard's Garrison (6-29-14)

wasps and stings

The party was resting onboard their ship, after just hiring the hobgoblin crew, when the ship was approached by a man claiming to be in the employ of the wizard’s guild of Freeport. The party had come to the attention of the guild after the events of Swagfest. The guild did some checking and discovered that you had a ship and would seem to fit their needs.
The envoy to the guild explained that the wizard’s guild maintains a watch point garrison on the Northwest side of the main isle (A’Val) of the Serpent’s teeth, in a cove under the morning shadow of the island’s volcanoe. A wizard is currently stationed there doing research on the incident of the Green Flames from a few years back. That wizard has recently gone out of communication, and the Guild wants you to investigate and find out what happened and if he is still there or not. All of their scrying of the tower has produced no useful information, and the wizard himself is not showing up in the scrying attempts.

The party agreed to the task (for the fee), and set sail. It is just over a day’s journey, sailing along the Western coast up from Freeport. On the way, you pass the island’s crematorium, in the strait between the main Isle and the Western Isle (Windward). As you approached the cove where the garrison is located, you noticed a half-sunken ship in the cove off a few hundred yards from the shore. The garrison at the distance looks deserted and as if it had suffered some structural damage. You decided to investigate the sunken wreck first.

The party pulled alongside in one of their smaller transport boats and boarded the listing vessel. There was a large hole in the starboard side under the water line, and most of the ship looks like it was scorched and burned (possibly by Fireballs). There were no bodies on the main deck. The ship did not seem to have a name. A few of the party (Todd’s fighter and Eric’s Barbarian, and Neal’s Monk/cleric) went below decks, while most stayed on the main deck. The second deck down was 2/3’s underwater. Floating in the water in the second deck were some of the remains of the ship’s crew. The bodies had been burned to death, and were currently little more than skeletons, as the local fishes have been eating them for about a week. Todd went into the water and swam down to the 3rd deck, which was entirely underwater. More bodies were found, and at this point, the Fighter was attacked by Shadows. In the darkness, and underwater, the Shadows had a substantial advantage, especially once they drained most of Todd’s strength. Todd swam out of the damaged section and to the surface outside the ship. The Shadows moved up through the decking and began attacking Eric. Neal quickly exited up to the main deck. Eric took some strength loss, and also retreated. The Shadows did not follow anyone into the sunlight.

The party then rested the night, Restored lost ability points and decided to investigate the stronghold. The Garrison itself was a small, walled structure, with two towers overlooking the cove and the ocean beyond. Around the tower closer to the shore, at the top giant wasps could be seen to have a nest. They were flying in and out. (One of them had flow out over the ocean and attacked the Flying witch, but it was quickly shot down and it drowned). The party cautiously entered the garrison, under the wasp’s nest, as it was high enough that just moving around did not seem to disturb the wasps. A quick check of the first level did not find anything, but (I forget who) one of you decided to attack a wasp, and so they attacked the party. Most of the party was able to hold the entryway into the keep, but a few of the wasps tore holes in the thatch roof over the central keep and got in behind the front lines. A large wasp joined the fight. Most of the wasps were killed and when the largest was killed, the others seemed to lose interest and flew off.

In the wasp’s nest, you found a rune-covered, flat crystal that radiated of conjuration magic. In the main building, you found an unstoppered iron flask covered in magical runes, and apparently damaged. (It was later determined to be an Efreeti Bottle, but see next).

In the basement of the garrison, you found a large sarcophagus and when it was opened, everyone was transported to a pocket dimension containing large floating boulders that were chained together. You were almost immediately attacked by a previously invisible, enraged Efreet, who started casting Scorching Rays at the party. The two main fighters jumped to the closest rock and engaged in melee, but were pinned down in a Wall of Fire. Both of them hit the Efreet, and did substantial damage. Jeff’s Druid jumped to another boulder which had the corpse of the wizard, and threatened to destroy the crystal. The Efreet immediately started to charge at the Druid, but was cut down by the Fighter and the Barbarian. The Efreet fell off into the void.

The body of the Wizard was recovered, along with his journal. The remnants of the wizard’s journal, in which he recorded that he had seen an unusual amount of shipping activity from the past few weeks, from what looked like military vessels going around the island. Apparently, one of them had come in to the cove, and attacked the garrison, at which point the wizard released the Efreet on them. It sank their ship, but then turned and attacked the garrison. The wizard was able to recapture the Efreet in the pocket dimension, but was not able to get the crystal “key” to get back out, and the Efreet killed him. The party later came in with the key.

In the aftermath, the party recovered on their ship in the cove and decided to salvage the remaining light catapult from the wrecked ship.


Moraturi Moraturi

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