Here be Pirates

The Pirate Church (5-18 & 6-1-2014)

Delivering the goods

Upon arriving in Freeport, the party decided to go straight to the Pirate God’s Church (the Goddess is Besmara). The structure is actually a ship that was hauled into the city early in its history, and then converted into a Church. You were met at the church by Father Peg-leg who is the cleric in charge, and the only cleric there that you can see.
He gratefully accepted the delivery of the Eye of the Dragon and went and placed it into the eye socket of a large sea turtle statue in an adjoining room. You then went back into the main room when you heard a loud crash from the statue. Quickly investigating, you found the statue on its side and saw the hole in the wall from a Passwall spell close down. Both of the Eyes were now missing. A few of the party rushed out and around the building, but in the busy city streets, did not see anyone running away by the time you got there.

Inside the church, Father Pegleg asked that you help recover the Eyes (again). Roy’s witch scoffed at the idea of helping without the promise of reimbursement, but other members of the party decided to help anyway. As you started to ask the cleric about where to start, you were shown a vision (Pegleg said from Besmara herself) of some caverns under a warehouse where a ritual was taking place. Father Pegleg recognized it and said that you should go there and recover the gems.

At the warehouse, there was no security outside, but inside you encountered 5 guards among the crates, boxes, and supplies. After dispatching the guards and searching around, you found some tracks that lead to a trapdoor under a crate that went down into the caverns under the warehouse. You went down.

The caverns were not very extensive. The rope ladder came down into another storeroom of sorts with a few items (rope, tools, etc), but nothing of interest. The corridor lead off in only one direction. A short distance away, you found an intersection. To the right was another storeroom containing foodstuffs, garments, and the like. To the left was a small bedroom/office space with a single bunk. Searching the space you found notes on rituals and some suspicious cult references. One of the books might have some monetary value to a collector.

At this point, you could start to hear chanting coming from further down the passage. On investigating, you came into a large carvern-like room with about a dozen cultists performing some kind of ritual over a crude stone altar with the two Eyes of the Dragon on it. The fight started when you went in. Todd rushed immediately to the altar going around the surprised cultists and grabbed up the two gems. His interruption altered the course of the ritual. The fight kept going both in the main room and in the hallway, as a quasit had invisibly followed you to this point. After three rounds, the broken ritual manifested a mass of ooze with eyes and mouths and tentacles just above the altar.

This is where we had to break for the week.
When we came back the next session, we resumed the fight. Most of the fight was pretty standard, but a few points were of note.

During the fight, a couple of the cultists shapechanged into the serpantfolk you have already fought (on board your ship). The cultists looked just as surprised to see them as you were. The lead wizard at one point Dimension doored into the corridor behind you taking a couple of his guards with him to block your escape with the gems.
No one attacked the ooze-thing, but it seemed to lash out at whoever was nearby, actually killing at least one of the cultists. After a number of rounds, it vanished again (toward the end of the fight).

In the corridor, Eric’s barbarian had charged in on the Wizard by himself, while everyone else was having a hard time getting around the guards. Eventually, the guards were killed, but the barbarian was in bad shape. The wizard chose to flee up the ladder, with the barbarian a few steps behind him. Jeff’s druid had cast a flaming sphere in the previous rounds and send it up the chute, burning the ladder to ash and dropping the now-unconscious (the sphere took him down, and the fall didn’t help) barbarian back into the room. Roy’s witch flew up after the wizard who was now back in the warehouse. The wizard hit the witch with a couple of Scorching Rays and Roy decided on the better part of valor and turned invisible. The wizard also invisibled and then fled the scene.

The remaining guards below were slain, and the altar room searched. The last of the cultists was actually killed, apparently by the last of the serpentfolk. The serpentfolk got away somehow. In the altar, you found a secret panel which contained a broken compass and some navigational charts, most of which seemed incoherent, but one which would guide you back to the Isle of Dread.

You were able to use some of the rope in the caverns to get back up into the warehouse and from there return the gems to Father Pegleg. He rewarded each of the party with a special coin (a blessing from Besmara), except for Roy, who he gave some gold. Each of the special coins has a different on-time power that can be used.

After your tribulations, you returned to your ship and spent the next few days recovering and trying to hire a crew. It seems that since your arrival, rumors of your ship have been spreading the docks. The claims are various about being captained by demons and being haunted, etc. Effectively, no one seems to want to hire on at this point.

While on your ship one day a halfling approached and introduced himself as Flynn. He noted that you were having a hard time getting a crew and offered to purchase your ship (at about 1/3 its cost). You declined the offer, and he made some casual insinuations that you would continue to have trouble getting a crew. Investigating him later, you learned that Flynn is one of the merchants/head of a thieve’s guilds in Freeport.

After a few more days with no luck getting a crew, your ship was approached by a small gang of hobgoblins who offered to man the ship at the going rates. After some debate among the party, it was decided to crew the ship with the hobgoblins.

This is where we ended for the evening.


Moraturi Moraturi

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