Here be Pirates

HbP-II (11-13-2016)

Going into the Thieve's Guild

This is a summary of the session on 11-13-2016

The party started the evening at the front doors of the Brackish Keg, a bar owned and operated by a thieve’s guild run by Finn. We were there to try to investigate it working for Lydon. On the street, it was noticed that a number of the passersby were actually loitering and a number of them were lookouts both for the bar and for each other (that is multiple guilds are keeping tabs on each other).

Entering the small bar, the party encountered the barkeep, a barmaid, and 2 patrons who were obviously guards for the operation and not so much bar patrons. The barkeep denied knowing anyone named Finn.
Eric’s barbarian had a drink and then got into an altercation with one of the patrons. Roy put the other one to sleep. The fight in the bar was brief. The barmaid initially faked innocent, but then flanked Eric and stabbed him along with the other guard. The barkeep fled into the back room. Roy then tied up the sleeping guard, and then put the other one to sleep. The barmaid fled into the back room, and the barbarian followed.
The barkeep was not there, and there were no other obvious exits (Eric had heard a door open and close from the other room).
Jeff flew in as a bat. Doug and Hobie checked and locked the front door.
Eric dropped the barmaid, Jeff stabilized her, and Eric then killed her before finding the secret door, leading down into some lower levels.

As the characters started into the lower levels, at one point Hobie went down a different flight of stairs, set off a fire trap and then came back to the rest of the party.

The main stairs down lead to a long pillared hallway that turned and overlooked an arena-like area. Eric went down the hall and jumped into the arena (the killing floor), with Roy flying invisibly nearby). The other characters started down the hall.

In the arena area, a large door opened and an Umber Hulk rushed out to attack the barbarian. In the hallway, the remaining group was also attacked by the two guards who had woken and untied themselves, and caught up with us invisibly. They flanked the warpriest, while Doug looked for secret doors and the bat maneuvered around, casting spells.

In the first couple of rounds with the Umber Hulk, both Eric and Roy were confused. Jeff was able to move up and put a flaming sphere on the Hulk, along with Doug’s vomited up swarm of spiders.

More thieves, including the barkeep emerged from a secret door behind the party in the long hallway. It was a back and forth melee. Eventually, the Umber Hulk was killed. Jeff had a couple of Ice Storms making movement difficult and then he put up an Obscuring mist to slow everything down (and stop the ranged attacks).

The party re-grouped on the arena floor, and the remaining thieves retreated back down the hall, behind the cover of the mist.

On the arena floor, there were two barred exits. Jeff’s druid walled the smaller one up, just after Doug had seen 3 robed cultists pass by the opening. Behind the other portcullis was a prison area, packed full of prisoners both in cages and chained to the walls. Doug reduced himself and went through the bars, and in the next few rounds unchained a couple of guys. Roy Dim-doored into the area. A second set of bars blocked passage out the other side. On the other side of those bars was one of the cultists who started Magic Missileing Roy and Doug. The Barkeep was also near the cultist. A set of stairs lead down from their area. You briefly glimpsed one of the thieves go through a far door.

This is where we ended for the evening. We will pick up in the middle of the Guild outpost next time.


Moraturi Moraturi

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