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Here be Pirates II

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This is a summary of the session on 10-30-2016

For this campaign, we decided to run some previous characters from my Pirate’s campaign from a couple of years ago.

Present were Jeff (Sea Druid), Roy (witch), Eric (1/2 orc barbarian), Hobie (Undine War Priest), and Todd (Mystic Healer). Absent was Doug (Gnome Alchemist).

We started essentially where we had left off at the end of the previous Pirates campaign. The party has just destroyed the Druid who was attacking the shipping lanes and destroying what she thought were man’s incursions into the natural sea areas. Treasures were divided at the end of the last game.

Some retro-fitting was necessary to bring Hobie’s character in as if he was always there, in order to streamline the story and get started.

As the storms were dissipating after the Druid’s death, a couple of Rocs flew into the campsite. Jeff met them first as a Giant Eagle. They seemed friendly and landed nearby. The male of the pair had been Awakened by the Druid, and could speak Common.

The roc said that before the party arrived, during the peak of the storm, the Druid had summoned a huge “beast from the depths” to disrupt the shipping lanes again by destroying more ships. The party agreed to fly on the backs of the Rocs out to protect the nearby ships.

During the flight, a massive shadow was seen closing on a sailing ship a few hours from the island.

The Rocs dropped the party off on the ship. We had a few rounds to prepare spells before the attack.

The attack came as a number of tentacles started to come up around the ship in the first round of combat. In the second round, 2 larger tentacles came up, and in the third, the body of the Kraken itself surfaced. A large fight ensued. A number of the crew were grappled and killed. Eric’s barbarian was able to attack unimpeded from the Freedom of Movement spell. Hobie’s cleric had a similar round-to-round effect. Roy’s witch and Jeff’s druid both flew around the perimeter raining down spells (Lightning bolts, ice storms, flaming sphere).

Eventually, the Kraken was killed, and none of the PCs dropped (although Eric was a hit from falling).

We helped the captain sail his ship back to the island to get more crew and do some repairs. After fixing the ships, both sailed towards Freeport.

On the way, there was a minor incident where someone tried to cut the steering lines, but it was easily repaired. No one was caught, but it was noticed that the lines were encrusted with brine similar to back when Ned Fletcher (the ghost) would move through solid objects.

The ships arrived in Freeport.

Jeff discovered that his dagger was a ceremonial dagger traditionally used by the Slavers of Cheliax.

A couple of days after arriving in Freeport, we were approached by one of the members of the Captains Council, Captain Jacob Lydon.

After a brief discussion, the party was hired to investigate the disappearances of a number of Freeport citizens (above the normal number of missing people). Lydon suspects the involvement of another Council member, the Halfling Finn. Finn in the previous campaign had tried to purchase your ship, and is presumed to be one of the Freeport guildmasters.

Next session, we start to investigate Finn’s operation at one of his “fronts”


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