Here be Pirates

Arriving at Freeport
(addendum information)

You gather along the ship’s rail to get your first look at Freeport. After all of the stories of the notorious pirate city, it seems smaller than you expected, but you can see from the variety of ships at anchor that its reputation for being a place where anything goes is well deserved. A tall, elegant elven clipper is docked just yards from a squat and deadly looking orc privateer. As your ship gets closer to the dockside you can see members of almost every race you have ever heard of among the sailors and merchants going about their business.
“A brave sight it be, aye?” You try not to jump as Captain Fletcher materializes beside you. He heaves a deep sigh, and wipes an insubstantial tear away with one lace cuff.
“I never thought to see Freeport again,” he says, “but here we be, safe and sound. Now all that be left to do is to convey the gem to th’ Pirate God’s templeā€¦ along w’ me bones, o’ course, and our association be ended. I shall go to my much-deserved rest, while ye, me good mates, go on to lead happy and prosperous lives. Perhaps at the last, which I trust, be many years hence, we shall meet again, and tip back some fine ale together o’er the grand adventures we’ve shared.”
Captain Fletcher turns his attention to the city. “See yon building, far to the larboard end o’ the piers there?” he continues. "That be the left-hand side to ye land lubbers. That grand establishment be the Last Resort, said ta be the finest lodgings in Freeport. Forgive me for saying that ye’ll look a bit rougher than the usual mugs they git, but with some coin and a bit o’ luck, I reckon they’ll let you stay fer a while. Away on the starboard side o’town be Scurytown, and well named it be, at that. I’ve toasted the spoils and drunk away me sorrows many a time after some daring exploit in tha end o’ town. Perhaps when ye’ve the time ye’ll visit the Chumhouse. There it be, on the end o’ the pier there, an’ drink t’ th’ fond memory o’ old Ned Fletcher. Have a care fer yer valuables there, though, fer it draws all manner o’scurvy bilge rats to it.
"And that be Freeport in a bottle, mates. Merchants with thar wealth at th’ one end, and rogues w’ their daggers a’ th’ other. Them walls in the middlebe the Old City, where the Captain’s Council be, and well placed they are, ha’ way between the merchants and the cut throats.
“Now, the temple o’ the God o’ th’ Pirates be in th’ temple district, as ye might expect, and th’ be behind th’ Merchant District. See the Last Resort? th’ grand hotel I pointed out t’ye? Starting from there, ye goes more or less nor’east through the Merchant District, wit’ all its big, fancy houses, fer a little under ha’ a mile. Ye’ll be able t’ tell when ye come to th’ Temple District. The Temple o’ the Pirate God’ll be about th’ first one ye’ll come to that way. Easy enough to spot, it be, for it ‘ll have the Jolly Rodger a’ grinning down above it. I’ll meet ye there. Best that I don’ go wit’ ye through th’ city proper. A gentleman in me condition might draw unwelcome attention.”

Pirate Attack (5-4-2014)
fight on the decks

The Blue Ray was on its way to the city of Freeport,.

A few days after the serpent attack, the crew seemed unsettled and called the acting captain (Neal’s character) down to the crew quarters. One of the crewmen was dead in his bunk. A search revealed that a posioned dagger had been placed beneath his hammock so that when he laid down, it stabbed him and ultimately killed him. The poison was the same type as from the serpent bites. Not having much else to go on, people went back about their jobs.

It was about this time that the watch crew in the crow’s nest directed you to the horizon. In the distance, behind you, you spotted another ship. After a day, it was obvious that the ship was following you and in fact gaining on you.
The party decided to keep going instead of returning to the Isle of Dread. The other ship continued to close. A few preparations were made.

The other ship was a smaller, single masted caravel which pulled up parallel to your ship a few hundred yards off the port. They then raised the jolly roger and started to close. In the three rounds before the ships came together, a few ranged weapons were fired, but none hit at that distance with the cover. Two previously invisible, flying wizards sent fireballs into your ship’s rigging and downed a number of your crew. Your first mate was at the helm and failed his maneuver checks to try to out maneuver the other ships, given his skill and the damage.

The two ships came together, side by side and the pirate ship lowered a series of grappling planks onto yours and they boarded across the planks and by swinging over on ropes. The fight then raged across the decks. Eric’s barabarian was towards the forecastle, Todd’s fighter was on the main deck, and everyone else was on the portcastle. The leader of the pirates came across, saying that your lives would be spared if you surrendered. Of course, the party elected to fight. It was a bloody and long fight. The pirate captain repeated his offer (more than once), but everyone kept fighting. About half of your crew stayed below decks. Most were killed. A number of the raiding pirates were killed. The fight turned against you slightly when the wizards cast Haste on the raiders.

The barbarian ended up on the other ship before he went down. Later, Roy’s witch was able to get to him and heal him (to stabilize) and then fly him back to your own ship.

Eventually, the pirate captain was killed and the rest of the crew started to retreat to their own ship and break off. Neither of the wizards had been hurt much at all (both had Protection from Arrows, and other defenses up), so they were still flying around targeting what they could.

As the remaining pirates started to get their own ship going, Todd’s fighter jumped to their ship and basically tried to parley with one of the wizards, who was at the helm at that time. The parley fell through when Doug’s alchemist threw his last bomb at the wizard. Both wizards then attacked Todd’s fighter and took him down into negatives. At this point the ships were drifting apart. The witch was able to get in and recover the fighter before the two ships got too far from each other.

Both ships limped away from the fight. Theirs for lack of a crew, yours for lack of a crew and damage to the rigging.

As their ship faded to the horizon, you continued on to Freeport with the remaining crew still alive. In addition to the party, you have 10 crewmen, and the first mate. To fully run the ship requires 20 crew.

We will pick up from there when next we meet.

The Eye of the Dragon (4-6-2014)
recovered treasure

Back in the lair of the Sahaugin:
The party had just come up out of the water into the chamber as a Serpent person was finishing a summoning ritual for an undead/demon creature.
The party went in for the fight and ultimately killed both the serpent person and the summoned evil. In the Serpent’s hands you found both the Eye of the Dragon (the gem that captain Fletcher asked you to recover and return to the Temple in Freeport) and a wavy green dagger (the Emerald Dagger).
You returned to the ship and with the gem and the bones of the captain and crew who died, sailed weakly around the coast. Without a full crew, the ship was difficult to manage, but you made it to the small city at the Southern end of the Isle of Dread (for which the Captain supplied a map). In the city, after a week or more, you were able to fill out the crew with some new recruits, and identify the Emerald Dagger.

The Dagger is plus 2, and can enhance some knowledge checks and aid in Summoning spells, as well as use a poison damage attack (plus 1d6 damage) 3/day. The sage who identified the blade said it was an evil, nasty blade.
The Gem radiated a weak level of Divination magics.

Jeff’s character got the dagger. Neal’s character carries the gem.

The ship then set sail for Freeport. A few days into the journey, Todd’s character was on deck late at night when a couple of the crewmen changed shape into serpent people and attacked. Most other party members were in their quarters or scattered around the Ray in various places.

Below decks, in the fore castle room, Neal and Doug were attacked by serpent people. They hissed that they wanted the gem and when you didn’t give it up, they attacked. Doug did a lot of fire damage and eventually with the help of the rest of the party filtering in from other areas or their own fights, all of the serpent people were killed. A number of party members were poisoned (either by the bite attacks or by poison on the blades of the snakes). As it turns out, none of the crew you hired were serpent people, they had apparently snuck on board and assumed crew appearances to get in close before attacking.

This is where we ended.

The Fish men lair (3-23-2014)
underwater combat

After agreeing to help Captain Fletcher, he supplied the party with potions of water breathing (one per person) and directed you to a partially submerged cave entrance off of the cove.
The party took one of the two dingys from the Blue Ray and went to the cave. Inside, the first chamber was guarded by a 5 sahaugin and their pet grindylows. The party was successful in destroying all of them.
After the first chamber, the party found the chamber with the bones of the fallen crew from the Ray. In the refuse room, the party was attacked by a group of aquatic serpents (actually minor aquatic dragons), but were successful in destroying all of them and recovering the gnawed bones of the crew and captain. Since these were the only two rooms above water, the party returned to the ship to recover and wait a day before going deeper into the lair.
While waiting on the Ray that evening, some of the party saw a huge Tyranosaurus cross by in the near jungle just off of the cove. It did not venture out into the water, and we didn’t go after it.
The next day, again at low tide, the party went into the sahaugin’s lair once more.
All of the remaining passages went under the water into the caves, so the group downed their potions and went swimming (all except Doug’s alchemist, who spit his back up for use later).
In the first entirely underwater room, there were 4 large, 4-armed sahaugin, who attacked when the party entered. A hail of stones from Jeff’s druid and an Obscurring mist slowed combat down a little, but three of the fish-men were killed. One escaped to warn the other denizens of the lair.
Following the one out eventually lead the party to a side chamber with the leader of the sahaugin, a fish-woman cleric, and her pet, an enlarged grindylow that could swallow people whole. The sahaugin that had escaped from the previous battle was also there. The fight took place mostly in the opening between the hallway and the chamber. Once the big grindylow was killed, the fish-woman wasn’t as much of a challenge. You did recover a magic harpoon from her that would return to the thrower after each use.
Continuing to explore the lair lead the party to another side chamber off the other side of the corridors. This chamber is a little higher than the others, and as the party comes up into it, it is an air-filled room only partially submerged.
As the party rises up out of the water into the room, you see a snake-like humanoid finishing a spell/ritual in front of a serpent altar. The snake-human holds a fist sized green sapphire in one hand (the Eye of the Dragon described by Cap’n Fletcher) and a wavy green dagger in the other.
The air in the chamber shivers and distorts as the ritual finishes and something evil seems to flood the room.
This is where we will resume next session.

Off the 1st Island (3-9-2014)
going a-rafting

After resting, the party went back up to the top of the small island and tried again to get into the dome, but only briefly, as Eric’s barbarian lost yet another weapon against the clockwork construct. The party again retreated and went exploring in the cave-like opening on the other side of the ruins.
In the small cave, the party was attacked by two Gibbering mothers, one from the front and one from the back of the adventuring line-up. Todd’s fighter went down from a badly thrown bomb from the alchemist, and Eric’s barbarian held the front while the rest of the party concentrated on the Mouther at he back. The party prevailed and in the small cave (which was the Hag’s lair), they found a few items and the Swan maiden’s feathered cloak.
After returning the cloak to her, she told the party about a raft that they could use to get off of the island, and when they could do it. The island apparently takes a circuitous route through the ocean, but at one point comes close to another, larger island that the party could try to get to.
On the appointed day, the party set off on the raft. With them were the few remaining crew from the original ship and its first mate.
As they were on their journey, the raft was attacked by a group of Sharks in the open waters, but the Sharks were either killed or driven off. No crewmen were lost.
After a couple of days, a large, mist-shrouded region appeared and the raft was drawn by the currents into it. Coming out the other side, you saw the next large Island, and from you direction, a small galleon anchored in a cove.
Approaching the galleon cautiously (the name on the side is the Blue Ray), the party did not see any one aboard.
On board, there were no crew, and an exploration of the ship did not turn up anyone, but you did discover that there seems to have been a fight on board, and it seems to have occurred recently.
Suddenly, the incorporeal ghost of the Captain (Ned Fletcher) appeared and introduced himself. There had been a fight on board that took the lives of the crew and captain. “Fish men” (Sahaugin) had attacked and killed or taken to be eaten the crew. The ship was left anchored, possibly as bait to bring in unwary explorers or scavengers. The captain asked for your help in recovering two things: his bones for a proper burial and the Eye of the Dragon, a large gem the captain says he was supposed to recover and take back to the Church of the Pirate God in Freeport.
Since Freeport was your original destination and you craved adventure, you all agreed to the task.

Against the Hags (2-23-14)

The party started in the remnants of the bullywug camp, healing from the previous fight. With the party were 4 crewman and the first mate from the pirate ship and the maiden Lu.
After resting the party went up to the peak of the island, where they found a ruined temple-like area. A domed structure and a few obelisks were left standing. Stairs went down into the darkness across the open space in front of the dome. No movement was seen, so the party sent a few of its more stealthy characters up to investigate, each taking a slightly different path towards or around the area.
As they approached, a cackling voice invited them to come closer and say why they were there. No body rushed forward, but everyone advanced cautiously into the area.
Once in the ruins, you all heard casting and a command was given to raise the nearby, hidden undead. The spell was a forcecage that trapped Eric and Hobie in with a few bullywug zombies, as more zombies started to rise out of the marsh and move to attack the others in the party.
in the next few rounds, the party fought multiple bullywug zombies and the three hags revealed themselves as they also attacked. A few people were weakened or staggered by the hags. The healers were isolated from the rest of the group for various reasons (movement or the forcecage), so it was a little rough through the fight and Todd went down.
When the first of the hags was killed, the other two turned invisible and fled. The party at this point had broken the coven by reducing the number below the 3 required. One of the hags had asked/threatened Roy to join, but he declined and continued to fight (or at least run away without accepting the offer).
The remaining zombies were dispatched and the forcecage eventually went down.

After the fight, the party tentatively decided to explore the domed building . Inside was a mechanized suit of armor with a large red gemstone in its breastplate that moved to attack the people in the building. Eric got a critical hit on it, but his weapon was snatched out of his hands by the machine. Not everyone had entered the dome, and at this point characters started retreating. The mechanical armor went back to guarding the dome and did not pursue.

The party went back to the bullywug camp to heal and plan. Lu said that the hags were unlikely to be a problem at this point, as they were significantly more powerful as a coven. With one dead, their power was broken. The party did not explore enough of the ruined temple to find her cloak though, so it looks like they will be going back.

The Bullywug fight (2-8-2014)
(ok Boggard)

The party was rested from the night on the beach and proceeded to go inland towards where the bullywugs (Pathfinder calls them boggards) lived. As the group approached the encampment, Todd’s character came around and saw a few Bullywug guards who also saw him. Two of them ran to the attack and the third went back in to raise the alarm. Most of the evening was spent in the fight. About a dozen bullywugs swarmed out of the camp area and began to attack. Three of the higher ranking bullywugs stayed in the rear of their group and cast spells or made displays of their martial prowess (the feat Dazzling Display was used by the Bullywug leader). In addition to the leader, there was a wizard-shaman and a cleric-shaman among the bullywugs.
About half of the party spent about half of the battle shaken from one effect or another. A few characters went into negatives, but were brought back by the fight’s end. The leader of the bullywugs was killed, but both of the shamen and a few of the regular bullywugs escaped.
In the back of their encampment, you discovered 3 more crewmen and the first mate from your ship. They had also come ashore, but in a different area of the island from you. There were originally more of them, but a few didn’t make it after being captured and eaten by the bullywugs.
You did not find the cloak for Lu. The crewmen who were imprisoned said that they saw one of the shaman take it a day or so ago towards the center of the island (where you originally saw the lights that lead you here). The bullywugs returned without the cloak.

At this point, the party rested and healed and prepared to go after the cloak.

During the night, Roy’s character had a strange dream. More details here.

While shrouded in mysticism and haze, Roy’s character remembers a strange dream in which there is a large spherical ruby atop a three-legged pedestal. The ruby glows with an otherworldly power. The image changes to reveal that the pedestal now has four legs and the ruby glows with more power. It then changes to an unbalanced pedestal with only two legs that falls over and the ruby shatters and the glow fades. Upon awakening, he remembers the theme of the three, which might become stronger or might become weaker.

week one (1-26-2014)
we don't have a ship yet

The adventure started with the entire party aboard the Yellow Fin, a sailing ship headed for the far-off city of Freeport, where everyone hoped for adventure, gold and plunder.
A few weeks out at sea, in the middle of the ocean, with no known land nearby, the ship was attacked in the middle of the night. A few party members were awakened by a distant horn, but most woke when the ship was being crushed in huge tentacles and torn apart.
Everyone ended up in the water, as the ship was destroyed and sank beneath the waves. In the distance a few made out a light, and the party started swimming in that direction. A short time later, the party and 3 surviving crewmen washed up on an unknown beach, where they made camp and settled in for the night. In the morning, as people were waking up for a day of being stranded, giant crabs came out of the sand and attacked.
As a notable start for the campaign, Todd’s fighter attacked with dual rapiers and critically fumbled on both of them, sticking Jeff’s Druid for some damage. The fight was a difficult one as the god’s of luck seemed to be against the party (about 6 fumbles occurred), but eventually they prevailed. Only 1 of the crewmen survived. A few of the crabs got away with some choice bits of flesh.
The party healed a bit and went into the jungle to search their new temporary home. The jungle turned into a boggy saltwater marsh and the group heard the crying of a young woman ahead of them. They approached cautiously, didn’t attack her and found that her name was Lu and she was trying to rejoin her sisters, but she couldn’t without her cloak. It was apparently stolen by a group of Boggards. The party agreed to help her recover it and they set off deeper into the swamp based on her directions.
On the way they were attacked by a group of giant frogs, being goaded and lead by 4 boggards. Again, it was a difficult fight and a few characters were dropped and then recovered, but all of the frogs were killed. One boggard made its escape deeper into the swamp, croaking loudly as it retreated.
After taking the damage, the party decided to head back to the beach and recover before attempting to take on more of the creatures. They went back, met up with Lu again and then went on to the beach and rested a day to recover.
This is where we ended for the night.

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