Here be Pirates

Fight in the streets (7-13-14)

Misty nights

(Missing this evening were Jeff and Todd)

After investigating the garrison, the party had recovered the wizard’s body and decided to salvage the catapult. The salvage operation was done over the next couple of days, making sure to only work during the day, and being cautious not to go below decks of the wrecked ship. You did have to pull your own ship alongside it to make the transfer.

During the salvage, you noticed that a group of people on the island entered the garrison that you had just explored the day before. Roy’s witch went to talk to them. The witch wasn’t much of a conversationalist, but did notice that there were around half a dozen or so of the other group (only one came out to talk, a female, fighter-type). They asked about the wizard, and about what had happened to the ship in the cove, and the garrison. Not much info was traded and Roy went back to our own ship.

After the recovery, some of your hobgoblin crew asked to take the long way around the island so they could visit relatives working in the red cabbage fields on the East side of A’Val. You all agreed and set sail, hugging the coast. You noticed a series of caves large enough to fit galleons further North around the island, and at the halfway point noticed that most of the island’s vegetation had been burned away (from the Green Fire). It was just starting to grow back and recover.

Around the Eastern part of the Isle, you made port for a day at Cabbage Crack, one of the other, smaller settlements on the Isle. Cabbage Crack is mostly a farming community for Red Cabbages, which are transported down to Freeport. While in the small port, some of the hobgoblin crew went off, and came back later (drunk), ready to move on. You then set sail for the city of Freeport. In all it took about 4 days to get around the Island from the cove, going the long way (so about 5 days to circumvent the entire island).

Once back in Freeport, you paid your docking fees, and took the body of the wizard and his journal back to the Wizard’s Guild to report your findings. On the way through the twisted streets of the city, the party was stopped by the same woman fighter from the garrison that Roy’s witch had talked to. She blocked your way, and things rapidly escalated into a street fight. Almost immediately, it was apparent that she wasn’t alone. From out of the shadows, and from around the corners of buildings, their party came out. They had: her as a fighter, another male fighter, an archer from down one of the side streets, a halfling rogue, a dwarf cleric and a human wizard. The fight raged over a large area of streets, with various spell effects forcing movement in different ways (Silence, Obscurring Mist), and people trying for different positioning. Eventually, most of them were killed, but their wizard escaped. The Witch followed (flying), but when it was obvious their wizard couldn’t just run, he turned and caught the witch in a Web. Instead of killing the entangled witch, the wizard decided to make good his escape.

The party regrouped and took the body on to the Wizard’s Guild. They were thanked and paid for services and were told that if the Guild had any future jobs, your names would be high on the list of possible employees.

At one point, the navigator you had employed a few weeks back came to the ship with the charts you had left (the ones that seemed erroneous and non-sensical). The navigator had discovered that the star charts actually were accurate, provided you were out among them, instead of on the ocean under them. Looking up from the perspective of a ship, the star charts were useless, but from the heavens themselves, the charts made sense. The navigator had no idea how that might be possible.


Moraturi Moraturi

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