Here be Pirates

HbP-II (1-22-2017)

Working for Finn

After some time working the protection racket in the Eastern District, Duncan came by and said that Finn had a bigger job for the party to do.
Duncan said that in the Eastern District, there was a “social club” called the League of Freemen, which had overstepped their bounds as far as the Syndicate was concerned. Fimm wanted the leader(s) of the group eliminated. One name you were given was Rajah.

The party was given a few bracelets that could be used to get in the door. Inside, there were 4 guards and a number of patrons who were indulging in a variety of debaucheries (sex, drug use, etc). The party had to fight past the guards to get up to the second floor, mostly instigated by Eric’s barbarian. One guard had already gone up to warn the occupants of the upper floor.

On the second floor, the fight went against the remaining guard, and initially 2 (but then 4) drake-like creatures and Rajah who was correctly guessed earlier by Jeff to be Rakshasa.
The Rakshasa was casting spells and blinking through most of the fight. During the fight, all 4 drakes were killed as was the guard. The Rakshasa was wounded a little, before he broke off the fight (partially) and went down towards the lower levels. The party bottlenecked on the stairs and Hobie Stone Shaped a hole in the floor to get himself and the barbarian down faster.

The Rakshasa made it down to the lower levels with the party in pursuit, but he disappeared somehow (around a corner, invisible?), before the party could get to the bottom of the stairs. We stopped with the party chasing after him.


Moraturi Moraturi

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